Les portes Bourassa

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Front and Garage Doors Specialist

For over 25 years, Les portes Bourassa, have been specialized in conceiving, fabricating and installing the finest quality wooden front and garage doors. With our expertise and passion for the craft, our products have left their mark on the industry by setting new standards. It’s our passion for the craft, passed down from father to son that has help us climbed to the industry’s highest ranking in Quebec.

List of our different services:
– Wooden front door and garage door
– Maintenance for the wood door
– Steel front door and garage door

Superior Garage Door

1081 Bégin street
Saint-Laurent (Montreal)
H4R 1V8

514 273.0530

Garage Doors Specialist

Most of all, you should consider after-sale service. That’s how Superior Garage Doors Inc. differs from competition. We not only install our garage doors, but we also service them.

Looking for an electric garage door? A keyless entry model? A new garage door motor? Superior Garage Doors has what you need right here in our store, along with experienced, friendly service technicians to handle the job. We also offer warranties on both our products and our service.

Are you a homeowner looking for garage-door installation? We employ our own expert technicians to take care of our services – never temps.


Exterior Painting Specialist

We’re different than regular exterior painters because we combine the roles of both paint manufacturer and service provider into one unique exterior renovation solution.

By formulating our own line of industrial-strength exterior coatings and applying them with our specialized equipment and spraying technique, we’re able to bring factory quality results directly on-site to your home.

In just one day, our crew of experienced and knowledgeable exterior painters renew and transform exterior siding, brick, doors and windows for a permanent factory finish that won’t peel and that looks like-new… not repainted.

The cost of our renovation solution is easily outweighed by the instant boost in curb appeal, creating a cost-effective way for you to revamp the exterior appearance of your home. We’ve created a way for you to renovate your home that just makes sense… both aesthetically and financially.