Guy Forest

514 990.2063

Environmental Assessment

Buy or sell a property with peace of mind and a clear title.

For your own health or to protect the value of your property, Pyritest specialises in environmental testing: soil testing, vermiculite, pyrite, moulds, iron ochre, asbestos and others.

Martin Forgues

514 900.3366
514 708.8546

Asbestos and fungal decontamination Specialist

Aire D3 inc. is a company which operates in the highly specialized field of asbestos and fungal decontamination requiring very specific knowledge.

– Vermiculite Removal lifetime warranty;
– Insurance risk of pollution and transportation of asbestos waste $ 2 million;
– Air analysis performed by an independent laboratory chosen by the client;
– The safest technology on the market with 0 dust emission in the building and/or the environment;
– Works perfectly sealed enclosure inside and outside;
– All employees are certified decontamination;
– Member of CESGM, construction CCQ, RBQ license.

Marc Lévesque

450 491.0545

Foundation Specialist

For more than 25 years, Marc Lévesque, President of Fissure ML Inc., has been working closely with his team of experts to repair foundation cracking and French drain problems in the residential sector.

Sylvain Sergerie

450 439.8406

Roofing Specialist

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Elastomeric membrane
  • Icing and snow removal on the roof