Duy Vu
Mortgage Representative

514 233.3863

We are more than a bank. We are the most important cooperative financial group in Canada. We offer complete banking services to more than 6 million members and clients.

Not only do we use the strength of co-operation to offer our members an extended array of banking services but also to contribute to the economic and social development of their community.

Jean-Luc Brien
Mortgage Broker

514 603.3664

With over 20 financial institutions has my reach, it is so easy for me to find one that has the best product for your situation and by extension, the best rate. Of the high volume that mortgage brokers envy to banks, we have access to better conditions, better rates and even products that are not accessible to consumers.

Beyond the rate; I am the expert who will guide you in this entire process.

Dany Giroux
Mortgage Broker

514 222.7931

By acting with integrity and transparency, I make sure that my clients have all the information to make an educated choice. I provide the necessary planning tools to help my clients choose the mortgage that best meets their needs.

Planiprêt focuses on the continuous improvement of business processes, while maintaining an open mind to meet the needs of customers.

Pierre Dewolf
Mortgage Development

514 998.3458

Having worked for many years as an accountant, external auditor, investment broker and financial planner, my vast experience allows me to go beyond the simple area of mortgage financing. It is in my interest to have your financing approved and offer solutions that will meet your budget and your needs.

Using the latest technologies and working in the field, I can meet you at the location of your choice.