Encore aujourd'hui, je remercie le ciel d'avoir croisé le chemin de Mme Lehoux qui a réussi une vente impossible! J'étais effectivement prise depuis plusieurs mois avec un condo, dû aux surplus d'immobiliers disponibles (#GillesVaillancourt). Son professionnalisme, ses méthodes de mise en marché, sa disponibilité et son approche franche, mais de coeur ont créé un succès immédiat. Merci encore d'avoir réussi à faire de la magie avec si peu!
From the first phone call to the last handshake, I knew I was dealing with someone I could trust. Nancy's professionalism and support got us through the roller coaster of emotions that selling a property sometimes entails. Thank you Nancy!
Nancy is a person who takes care of her clients until the end! Her thoroughness and experience were instrumental in finding the right house for us in less than a week! Her powerful network of contacts; an invaluable resource for a family like ours who recently moved to Quebec. Thank you Nancy for your generous contribution to our family's well-being!
We will never forget your hard work on the sale of our home. You are very professional and produce great results! All the best!
Selling a property is sometimes difficult, especially in the context of a divorce.  Nancy was able to adjust to our reality and was very reassuring when necessary.  She was in constant communication with both of us.  She was able to listen and respond to our needs.  A very professional handling that transformed a very delicate situation into a satisfying experience for all parties!
The best real estate agent! I have dealt with two other agents in the past. It was night and day between them and Nancy! She was able to get the best price for my property with flying colors! Nancy was my advocate to the end! I felt confident throughout the entire transaction. Thank you Nancy! You are the best!
Ms. Lehoux has a very human approach, but she is a real machine when it comes to taking action!  I know that the sale of my house is not based on luck but on your great efficiency, your careful work and your outstanding skills that stood out during this period of real estate upheaval.
Nancy is a detail-oriented person who knew how to take care of the needs related to my real estate transaction. Her professionalism, her skills, her dynamism, her availability and her knowledge of the market allowed her to successfully complete my real estate transaction to my complete satisfaction! I would not hesitate to refer Nancy to my friends and family. Thank you very much.
I had dealt with another broker before and Nancy with her professionalism, honesty and efficiency blew me away. Nancy even found me my dream condo after the sale. I would definitely recommend Nancy to anyone who needs a broker for the sale or purchase of a home.
We were looking for a real estate broker that we could fully trust, one that was transparent and honest. Throughout the whole process, Nancy had our best interests at heart and was very available. In just a few visits, we found the perfect match! She was very patient and we never felt any pressure from her. In addition, Nancy has an exceptional after-sales service! We warmly recommend her!
Thanks to Nancy and her unique expertise, we sold our house within the first week! It was this experience that made us realize the importance of the right real estate agent. Thank you Nancy!
Thanks to your sharp knowledge of the real estate market and your professional skills, we found our home on the first try! Your contagious dynamism as well as your judicious advice greatly facilitated our integration in the Bois-Franc district.
Nancy quickly won us over with her professionalism!  Thanks to his expertise and his complete service, there is no doubt that we will continue, in the future, to entrust all our real estate projects to Nancy!
His professional support reassured me at every step of the buying process. Thanks to his attentiveness and his mastery of the market, I found the condo of my dreams in just a few visits! In addition, his powerful network of contacts was very useful to me as a novice in the purchase of a first property.
Thanks to her efficient marketing and rigorous follow-ups, we were able to rely on Nancy when our time for buying and selling was very limited. We have great confidence in Nancy!
From day one, I knew I could trust Nancy!  Attentive to the smallest detail, proactive, she did not hesitate to adjust the shot as soon as the need arose.  I loved my experience and take every opportunity to refer Nancy to those around me!
We met Nancy during an open house.  I was, at first, impressed with her courtesy and honesty.  As the house became more interesting to us, so did Nancy; she became our broker and accompanied us in the purchase of our new home.  During the transactional process, we also found Nancy to be very competent and efficient!  A rewarding experience from all points of view!
Nancy's attentive service and impeccable professionalism has changed my image of a real estate agent and I would not hesitate to trust her again!
Nancy guided us from start to finish without fail!  For her thoroughness, her honesty and her contagious energy, we recommend Nancy for all real estate projects!
A personalized and reassuring accompaniment!  Nancy adapts to the situation and has our best interests at heart!
One visit, one offer, one sale in the first week on the market!  Beyond his exceptional performance, his rigorous work during the search for our new property was remarkable!
She is exceptional as a person and professional in her knowledge of the market. Nancy is honest and trustworthy. I will definitely refer her to all my friends without thinking of anyone else. Thank you Nancy for always being so available to us. Good luck to you all!
Nancy stood out for her dynamism and professionalism!
Nancy was like a friend who accompanied me in this adventure. She listened to my needs, presented me with various possibilities, was always available, especially when we had to do a visit blitz that was very condensed in time because the condo was sold before we found MY house. She gave me good advice for both my sale and my purchase. She understood my needs and listened to the ups and downs of changing properties. My condo sold quickly, my new property is exactly what I was looking for: I recommend Nancy to all my friends!
Despite my busy schedule, it was easy for Nancy to adapt and sell my condo very quickly and at a good price and then find us a house within a week!
During our 5 months of intensive research, Nancy was always on the lookout for new developments in the market. She was dynamic, determined, available and her negotiation skills were exemplary. We found the best option for us in large part because of her. Thank you for your loyalty Nancy. We will recommend you to everyone we know!
Nancy found us a beautiful condo that exceeded our expectations! She is very patient, punctual and has a very good knowledge of the market. We would like to thank her so much for making our lives better!
With Nancy's help, buying our first home was an unforgettable experience filled with positive things! Her great flexibility and enthusiasm were greatly appreciated in this new adventure! Thank you Nancy!
Nancy recognized our needs and above all she knew how to adapt to my situation! She was very helpful in my home search because she knows exactly what her clients want. I found the most beautiful house for me and my grandchildren! THANK YOU Nancy for making my job easier!!!!!
My condo sold in less than a week and at my price!  We subsequently found the perfect home for our family!  Nancy was always professional, available and understanding.  She took care of us every step of the way!
This was my first sales experience. Nancy quickly put me at ease and took the time to explain the different steps of the process. Her hard work and dedication in addition to her good advice in home staging allowed us to sell our property on time and at the right price. Don't hesitate to trust him!
It was a privilege to have you by our side in making one of the most important decisions of our lives. We sincerely appreciate your professionalism and skills and are very happy to have you as our real estate broker. Thank you so much for guiding us on this great adventure!
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